In album: Amazon customer service phone number (1888-290-0320)

Share album Amazon is a popular online shopping website that allows its users to buy all kinds of products by sitting at their home. It delivers the products right at the doorsteps of its customers. Amazon has a reliable customer support team. The Amazon customer service phone number is active and available to take calls 24*7. Amazon is a free service for all the users. A few years back, Amazon also launched an additional service of Amazon Prime for the customers. The customers just have to buy the Amazon Prime membership from their existing Amazon account on an annual basis to avail additional services such as fastest delivery, delivery of products within one day, special and additional discounts, etc. For comfort and convenience of the customers, Amazon has the Amazon customer service phone number which is available 24*7, at any time of the day.

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acs 2 Amazon customer service phone number (1888-290-0320)


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